List: Bo Bo and Cha Cha Cook Up a Storm

Title of Picture Book: Bo Bo and Cha Cha Cook Up a Storm

Author: Jason Erik Lundberg

Illustrator: Patrick Yee

Publisher and Country (may be self-published): Epigram, Singapore

Publisher’s Blurb: When a friend asks Bo Bo and Cha Cha to fill in for him at his royal stall, the pandas are eager to help out. But do they have what it takes to make delicious rojak? It turns out they do! Find out what their secret is in this delightful new Bo Bo and Cha Cha story.

5 Keywords (other than themes): Food, rojak, Singapore, helpful, recipe

Brief Review (in under 50 words): A fun read about a local dish, rojak, in this cute series based on these two pandas.

Where to buy or borrow (if available): NLB, Singapore

ISBN Number (if available): 978-981-4615-33-4

Submitted by (could be your preferred name, including pen name): Moses