List: That Little Girl

Title of Picture Book: That Little Girl

Author: Julie Lim

Illustrator: Julie Lim

Publisher and Country (may be self-published): Self-published

Publisher’s Blurb: This is the story of Emily. You may have already met her, or someone like her in school or in the park. You know, the one who’s a little picky or strange. Your Mummy and Daddy may have even wagged their fingers at her, saying “Tsk, tsk, tsk! That little girl!”
But well, if you haven’t, meet Emily at her fourth birthday party. Will she have the princess-est party ever, as Mummy has planned? Or will she act up … again?
You see, Emily actually has Sensory Processing Disorder, which is commonly defiend as the inability of the brain to correctly process information brought in by the senses.
Oops, a little difficult to understand? Never mind. You will, once you get to know Emily.

5 Keywords (other than themes): Party, sensory processing disorder, senses, patience

Brief Review (in under 50 words): An interesting story with illustrations that included the work from the author’s daughter. A useful launchpad for speaking about children who have challenges.

Where to buy or borrow (if available): NLB, Singapore

ISBN Number (if available): 981-05-6307-8

Submitted by (could be your preferred name, including pen name): Moses