List: The Nightingale Who Couldn’t Sing

Title of Picture Book: The Nightingale Wh Couldn’t Sing

Author: Angie Featherstone

Illustrator: Stephanie Wong

Publisher and Country (may be self-published): Epigram, Singapore

Publisher’s Blurb: Ring! Ring! Quark! Quark!

Thats not the sound of a nightingale’s song. But no matter how hard Holly tried, she just couldn’t seem to sing as well as her brothers and sisters!

So poor Holly ran away until Mummy found her and showed her something more important than singing a beautiful song.

5 Keywords (other than themes): acceptance, talent, identity, birds, mother

Brief Review (in under 50 words): A simple and colourful story.

Where to buy or borrow (if available): NLB, Singapore

ISBN Number (if available): 978-981-07-2618-8

Submitted by (could be your preferred name, including pen name): Moses