List: Tibby the Tiger-Bunny

Title of Picture Book: Tibby the Tiger-Bunny

Author: Emily Lim

Illustrator: Jade Fang

Publisher and Country (may be self-published): Epigram, Singapore

Publisher’s Blurb: Poor Tibby! All he ever wanted was some friends to play with, but the other rabbits thought that he was too strange. After all, he could pounce and roar like a tiger. But he also had long floppy ears and could hop like a bunny.

Was he a tiger or a bunny?

No one knew until the day Tibby showed everyone just how much of a tiger – and a bunny – he really was.

5 Keywords (other than themes): friend, rabbit, tiger, acceptance, helpful

Brief Review (in under 50 words): An interesting story with colourful illustrations.

Where to buy or borrow (if available): NLB, Singapore

ISBN Number (if available): 978-981-07-5834-9

Submitted by (could be your preferred name, including pen name): Moses