List: The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights

Title of Picture Book: The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights

Author: Farah Bagharib-Kaltz

Illustrator: Eeshaun

Publisher and Country (may be self-published): Straits Times Press, Singapore

Publisher’s Blurb: Being afraid of heights isn’t such a big deal – unless you’re a bird! Meet Eddie, a mynah who lives behind an abandoned old house with Matt the rat, his only friend. When one day Matt is captured, how can Eddie stop his whole world from crashing down?


5 Keywords (other than themes): fear, flying, birds, rats, phobia

Brief Review (in under 50 words): Simple story with bold illustrations. Mynahs in white?

Where to buy or borrow (if available): NLB, Singapore

ISBN Number (if available): 978-981-4266-01-7

Submitted by (could be your preferred name, including pen name): Moses