Picture books are enjoyable for the young and also for those of us who are young at heart. For our young readers, they represent a wonderful gateway to many reading adventures in the days ahead.

Parents and teachers who are keen to use picture books would often like to find the ones that best complements a theme or topic of interest but such listings, especially for Asian picture books, are not currently easy to find. Many Asian publishers have produced picture books but these are generally not as well known.

Through community effort, we aspire to list and review picture books from Asian publishers, starting with those which are in English or which are wordless.

If you are keen to be a contributor, or have suggestions for how the listings and reviews can be done better, please contact us at pauseability@gmail.com.

If we get the opportunity, we will also feature interviews with authors and illustrators, and also point you to supporting resources for the picture books if these are available.

This has been initiated by Moses, an educator at large and a learner at heart. He runs Pauseability, a small consultancy outfit.