Listing and Reviews

You may contribute a listing or a review, a review being a longer post. The books must be from an Asian publisher, and for now, it will either be in English or wordless.

The format for a listing is as follows:

  • Title, Author, Illustrator and Publisher (with Country)
  • Publisher’s blurb,
  • 1 to 3 photos, (please make these clear and uncluttered though creative shots are encouraged)
  • review in under 50 words,
  • 5 key words,
  • where to buy or borrow (if available)
  • ISBN (if any)

You may use the form on this other page to submit your listing.

Contact us at even if you are just considering.

Here’s a (growing) list of our contributors.

  1. Moses Sia, Singapore
  2. Jo Chia, Singapore
  3. Lyly Young, Indonesia
  4. Pauline Loh, Singapore
  5. Tan Su Linn, Singapore

Headers by Illustrators

We are also looking for ¬†illustrators who would like to contribute a header for this website. Please send us your 1280 X 426 px jpg or png file, together with your name and link (if any). Don’t forget to include the words “Asian Picture Books” on your header.

Thank you.